Health Care Research & Resources

In my health care journey, I did a lot of online research. A complete listing of websites that I found helpful can be found in Appendix 2 of my book (over 80 websites are listed). A few websites are listed below to get you started.

General Medical Research & Assistance:

Hospital Compare

Derm Medica

Unusual Symptoms:
If you have unusual health symptoms that no doctor has been able to diagnose, you may want to consider infectious pathogens as a possible cause of your illness. A couple of websites that have helped me include:

The Enterovirus Foundation

The HHV-6 Foundation

The Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases Research Center

The Treatment Center for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A Favorite Website:

The Stanford Chronic Fatigue Initiative

Presentations, Articles, Video & Media

A presentation by Dr. Jose Montoya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Stanford University 3-3-11.

A presentation by Dr. Komaroff on the latest research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hosted by the Massachusetts CFIDS/ME and FM Association