When Something’s Wrong

My name is Christina Caskey and I learned everything I know about health care the hard way.

In 2003, my health took a dramatic and sudden turn for the worse. I found myself in the middle of a medical nightmare: afflicted by a debilitating illness that no nearby doctor could diagnose. Refusing to give up, I entered into the unfamiliar world of online medical research for my unusual symptoms. I traveled across America, visiting various doctors, and sending blood and tissue to many different laboratories seeking answers to my medical problems.

This book contains what I’ve learned in my journey through a difficult illness and the equally difficult task of managing my health care—from finding the right doctor to dealing with my insurance company.

A Helpful Health Care Book
I wrote When Something’s Wrong to help you navigate the challenges and unique situations that lie ahead.

In this book, I’ll explore how you can:

  • Get the most out of your doctor’s visits
  • Manage your medications
  • Organize your medical records
  • Talk with your insurance company (or companies) about problems or denials
  • Find useful health information online—for both known and unknown diagnoses
  • Travel comfortably to out-of-town doctor appointments
  • Make the most of your hospital stay
  • Be proactive about your health care
  • And much more (See Table of Contents or “Look inside” the book.)

I’ll also provide full size tables and forms to help you:

  • Summarize your health problems
  • Develop questions for effective doctor’s appointments
  • Keep track of your symptoms, labs and medications
  • And more

No matter how sudden or debilitating the illness, there is hope.  You can learn tips to manage and improve your health.

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